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Jean-Francois Dupras

My Life My Adventure Ascent of Mt Denali Alaska

Overcome mental illnesses one summit at a time, the seven summits challenge.

My project is to achieve the ascent of the seven summits, the highest mountains on each of the seven continents. My partners and I are currently planning to climb Mt Denali in Alaska in June 2018. Mt Denali, at 6190 m of altitude (20310 feet) is the highest summit in North America.

My dream is to share my story and my experiences in order to raise awareness of mental illness, still misunderstood by the majority of the population. I also want, through my project, to promote the power of dreams and passion. I strongly believe that everything is possible, the only thing that can stop us is our fears and self belief system.

My goal is to raise $43,319 (the total elevation of the 7 summits).

Here is the list of the seven summits:

-Mount Everest 8850 m Asia Himalaya Nepal,
-Cerro Aconcagua 6962 m South America Andes
-McKinley (Denali) 6194 m North America Alaska Range
-Kilimanjaro 5895 m Africa Kilimanjaro Tanzania
-Elbruz 5642 m Europe Caucasus Russia
-Mount Vinson 4892 m Antarctica Ellsworth Mountains
-Pyramid of Carstensz 4884 m

Goal : $43,319.00

Raised: $13,071.65

Honour Roll
Jean-Francois Dupras$50.00
Pauline Gauthier$25.00
Sharron Batsch$50.00
Christopher Peppler$50.00
Mireille Asnong$20.00
Matt Perdeaux$50.00
Louis Ste-Croix $50.00
Dju Design$50.00
Ecole Notre Dame Des Monts Classe De 4e$50.00
Mylene Poulin$50.00
Audrey Belanger $50.00
Francis Cloutier$50.00
Clara Follmann$75.00
Banff Tea Co.$300.00
Sheila Sovereign$100.00
Bronwyn Birss$50.00
Andrea Casciato$50.00
Francoise Lespérance$20.00
Diane Bernier$25.00
Jody Russell$50.00
Guardian Chemicals Inc.$500.00
Guardian Chemicals Social Committee$500.00
Banff East Gate, Parks Canada$105.00
Wilf Nikolaj$200.00
Derrick Vandenberg$50.00
Jason Epps$75.00
Brian Moore $100.00
RAC Suncor Crew$700.00
Brendon Clarke$30.00
Nigel Dunfield$80.00
Patrick Maguire $120.00
Corrine Wettlaufer$100.00
Deb & Troy Klein$100.00
Angela Corley$30.00
John David Roth$250.00
Overcoming Mental Illness One Summit At A Time Fundraiser .$945.00
Myriam Bernier$200.00
Debbie Hay$50.00
Kelvin Maguire$850.00
Patrick Maguire$25.00
Patrick Maguire $25.00
QuackDuck 9000$40.00
Judy Fedorowick$100.00
Mistras Group & RAC Group$1,000.00
Coral Lee$200.00
Trevor Nunes$50.00
Niamh Ni Chroinin$100.00
Huub Streng$50.00
Peter Wettlaufer$150.00
Bill Leach$200.00
Melanie Swain$50.00
Lisa Bell$100.00
Deb Hymers$20.00
Mark Newall$100.00
John Boyd-Gorst$100.00
Morgan Portet$100.00
Medicine Hat Meat Traders Ltd$240.00
Marsha Drozdiak$50.00
RAC Suncor Crew$220.00
Overcoming Mental Illness One Summit at a Time Fundraiser$3,601.65

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